United Kingdom: The Big Six Finally Face the Music!

Posted: 27 March, 2014 in Big Six Power Companies, Comment, Life, United Kingdom

It has only taken the present government of the United Kingdom almost all of their term of office with Ofgen being their hatchet man to finally stand up to the Big Six Power Companies who have been overcharging people for their gas and electricity and running a cartel to keep the prices up for consumers here in the United Kingdom.

It has been both their actions and the Banks which both caused and have prolonged the credit crunch here in the United Kingdom both have been responsible for the damage to the economy here. The Big Six especially which have caused major financial problems to the large majority of citizens here In the United Kingdom especially those who are on low wages who have seen more and more of their wages disappear to the Big Six just to keep living a normal life.

My personal view it is high time the British Government actually got off if it’s backside and did something about the Big Six though the only reason why the current Conservative Government here in the United Kingdom are doing anything is because the elections are due in the next few years and frankly they need every vote to get back into power.

What the Big Six with their allies in government done, large majority of which are members of the Conservative party here, have succeed doing is bring the country to it knees economically over the past decades over charging both people and businesses for their energy.

It his high time that both the Big Six and those within the Conservative Party who privatized the energy industry in the first place and now support face the music and I think I am not only one who is calling for them to face the justice system for the damage they have done to the United Kingdom.

All of us here in the United Kingdom should make sure the government cannot back down from dealing with the Big Six by actually using people power and or voices to keep the politicians focused on the battle and if they back down we should make sure the present government pays the price by not voting for them in the next General Election.

The battle line have been drawn and time we as a people here in United Kingdom fight for a better deal for our energy both from the Government and Power Companies!

For those outside of the United Kingdom the Big Six Power companies which have been both overcharging and running a cartel here are:

E.On, EDF, SSE, Scottish Power, British Gas, Npower

This journal entry was inspired by the BBC news story: ‘Big six’ energy firms face competition inquiry

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