United Kingdom: Do Your Bit Send a Message to the Big Six!

Posted: 27 March, 2014 in Big Six Power Companies, Comment, Life, United Kingdom

Now finally the government of the United Kingdom have finally decided to do something about the Big Six power companies here in the United Kingdom, we should also as a people here send a clear message to them by simply switching power suppliers to the smaller independents!

I have done it myself switching from EDF to Ovo Energy a smaller power company which is both cheaper and uses more Ecological sound power sources. Strangely it is the best thing I have done, even if I am on a fixed price tariff, as much to my surprise my electricity and gas bills in real turns are a lot cheaper.

As I have said here before we here in the United Kingdom need to send a message to the Big Six Power companies we are not prepared to pay the overcharged prices and take the excuses for them any more.

What I think we here in the United Kingdom forget is we do have the power to change things in this case by changing power suppliers to alternatives to the Big Six sending the message to them we will not stand for their actives any more!

For those outside of the United Kingdom the Big Six Power companies are:

E.On, EDF, SSE, Scottish Power, British Gas, Npower

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