Welcome to the Bad New Days!

Posted: 26 March, 2014 in British Society, Comment, Life, United Kingdom

What is very apparent in modern United Kingdom is that more and more of businesses from the biggest to smallest are now putting profit first at the expense of both it’s employees and customers. This is certainly prevalent among big business here which it is becoming the norm rather than the exception and now includes even so called international companies.

All this encouraged by a current Conservative Government who claim it does the country good as it will mean more rich people will invest in the country hence the country will climb out it current problems quicker.

Plus god forbid should these people have to pay more for labour here in United Kingdom as it would mean they would invest in countries with cheaper labour.

All this of cause is lies by the Conservative Party, even by the CBI ,as what it really means the few who are rich here in the United Kingdom would not get richer off the backs of other people which they poorly pay and treat, all in the pursuit of money currently.

Add to this these rich people on the whole do not invest the money back into the United Kingdom as the Conservatives claim they do but they take their money and run to other countries where they can keep their money.

All this sounds very familiar as it is highly reminiscent of Victorian England a place of the few wealthy, a large down trodden masses with a small middle class stuck in the middle. A society full of social injustice and inequalities with masses nicely kept in place by less than subtle methods by those who are in power and rich.

What a grim, grey and oppressive United Kingdom we have all made for ourselves in the blind obsession for money.

Welcome to the bad new days!

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