It is Not That People Are More Stupid!

Posted: 22 March, 2014 in Comment, Life

After a recent experience at work involving a customer who simply did not get how to set up a computer by following what is a relatively simple set of instructions which they would have had to follow in previous computers got me thinking.

My first thoughts were that the person in question was being terribly stupid which after a little thought could not of been the reason after all the person in question could not be that stupid as after all they could drive a car without crashing it and even dress themselves correctly.

So why were they having the problem in setting up the computer?

Only conclusion I could come up with they were far too lazy to actually follow the instructions given by them by others. They actually expected someone else to do easy task of setting up their computer for them to a point of arguing it was someone else’s job not theirs to do such of a task.

Regardless of the fact it is their responsibility to set up their own computer and no one else’s!

So all this time when I have been saying people around me are largely stupid, which may be still true in some cases, is not totally actuate in our modern world. It is more the fact in the modern world people simply have got more lazy especially in the West as life is relatively easy in modern world. In so much we do not have hunt or gather our food any more.

It is a sad fact our Western Culture has encouraged this laziness especially in those who live a very privileged and easy life so now we have group of people who expect others to do everything for them even routine tasks!

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