A Case of Lack of Thought and Understanding!

Posted: 20 March, 2014 in Comment, Computer, World Wide Web

What I found close to the mark the company I am working on asking those of use who work for them to write on any social web site as if I am still have my uniform and badge on, that is be careful what I say as it my reflect badly on the company.

Sort of struck me as a direct attack on my right of freedom of speech, I suspect they worded it wrong but it was a good example in itself you have to think before you write something as such remarks have got companies in deep water before. Hence much like companies I put a disclaimer on my blogs to cover myself as after all if it is good enough for a company it good enough for the individual.

What it did show in it wording a lack of real understanding of what Social Media actually is even those who work in management of a big company which claims to be one of the bigger computer retailers. After all why should they be any different to normal users who still have a difficulty understanding the basic concept of a social web site in so much all posts can be public and read by all!

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