Posted: 28 February, 2014 in Comment, Life, remember

It is a sad fact of our modern world we do not or want to remember our past consigning it to the waste bin of time or just remembering the good things our forefathers did ignoring the bad things.

Most people around me think this is perfectly fine but personally it will mean once again we are almost destined to do the exactly same mistakes again and not learn from our mistakes. Add to this history is part of what makes our cultures and society.

I get told the past is the past by those around me but I answer just how are we going to learn and move society if we ignore the past both the good and bad parts. Strangely it is how we learn as individuals we learn from remembering things we have experienced in the past for example we learn fire hurts and remember this fact and not doing the same.

Our society learns the same way and has to move forward if we continue not learning or even refusing to learn from our past we are destined to never to move forward as a society if anything to go backwards!

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  1. TJ Petri says:

    I agree and disagree. I post much on the past and am a mental health professional as well. I believe staring at the negative past is a paralyzing move for anyone. However, as you mentioned, the lessons from the past should me brought forward. So it is a little of both, in my opinion. Check my site out when you can, I write about these things often.


  2. Plus I am also saying this on a cultural level as part of what defines our cultures is our past denying the past you are denying your culture. 🙂

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