Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCCXLVII

Posted: 28 February, 2014 in Journal, Life

Another end of a 5 day run of shifts at work which almost ended up with me walking out of work because frankly they have taken advantage of my nice guy traits of my personality. They live under the misconception I will do anything required at work but I am drawing the line at doing Technician jobs at work as after all I enjoy doing that at home not work.

Add to this they only pay almost minimum wages and if they want me to do more technical thing they will have to pay me more as my experience and know how does not come free. In one managers case I will use his own greed against him to hammer the point home!

So now I have 3 days off to relax or attempt too with those around me constantly fussing at me about things which frankly are perfectly normal behaviour not abnormal behaviours. In the end making me feel worse than I actually am considering the constant worries about money currently.

It should not be surprising these worries will make a bit jaded at times as the stress will have that effect. Just a shame others around me fail to understand that.

So now I have to think seriously where I want my life to go from here as something will have to change and it looks like as per usual it’s going to have to me as those around me seam to have inability to change for themselves. Personally I find this a little unfair but it is either this or I disappear into sea of nothingness again!

Please Note: If you are interested in a more personal journal of mine just follow the link to Acta Spiritu Amisso.

Please Note: I also have a small personal social network which is invitation only just follow the link to Luther’s Chosen Few.


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