Window XP Users: A Word in Your Shell Like!

Posted: 8 February, 2014 in Comment, Computer

As time for Microsoft Windows xp support is coming up as Microsoft stops supporting it this year most Microsoft Windows xp users are facing some very hard choices whether to upgrade to Windows 8 or to some other operating system for example Linux or even Apple OS.

But both these options will give Microsoft Windows xp real problems in so much a lot of software they currently run will not run and they will be forced to buy upgraded versions or find alternative versions of the software in question. Add to this a complete change of front end and back end of Microsoft Windows 8 which will cause them no end of problems including a very steep learning curve.

I have said elsewhere there is one alternative for Windows Microsoft xp users is Linux but that will also throw up a whole series of problems once again with software but there is an alternative which is not Linux or very close to Microsoft Windows xp in so much it is based upon the same Windows NT software architecture.

I am talking about a Russian Operating System called ReactOS which my be in it’s Alpha stage of development but as an alternative to Microsoft Windows xp could show much promise as real alternative and way forward for Microsoft Windows xp users at a faction of the cost and problems of running older software the user requires.

So for the Microsoft Windows xp who cannot move forward to Microsoft Windows 8 or Linux then ReactOS may be only viable alternative for them even if it is in it’s alpha state of testing it worth keeping an eye on it as it could be their only solution.

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