People Are Still Very Shallow!

Posted: 8 February, 2014 in Comment, Life

In this modern world of ours in which we can instantly communicate with each other over a multitude of channels including the more old fashioned one which includes letters a large majority of people still only talk to each other on a very shallow and superficial level.

This is at a contrast with the past where people with less methods of communication seamed to communicate on a deeper and more meaningful level. They used this communication to spread new ideas, ways of doing things and the such far more effectively.

I suspect that people now reflect the world around them, especially in the West, which puts the individual first at an expense of the community and society around them. This being an idea first mooted in the 1990’s both here in the United Kingdom and United States both by governments and society in general that the individual is more important than society as a whole which could look after itself.

Do not get me wrong I am not against being an individual and if anything I am for it as from it comes a lot of benefits to society as a whole especially because it adds a much needed dynamic for society to move forward and grow. But what I also believe this individualism should be tempered with a social conscience and awareness as we as human beings are by our very nature both individuals and social creatures at the same time. As human beings few of us can live with social interaction with others.

But from what I have observed with our modern society in general is that this individualism has gone too far encouraged both by governments and big businesses to a point it is starting to damage the very fabric of society on a very fundamental level.

It is resulting in a modern Western World whose society is splintering and becoming dysfunctional to a point people have lost the ability to actually communicate effectively any more. More worryingly it is resulting in a society which simply does not work in so much it fails to look after those who are worse off for no fault of their own or give the much needed support of those people who are lonely who need social contact in the most basic level.

There will be those people out there who will say this is not a real problem but what they miss is that with a splintering and dysfunctional society it cannot move forward or grow if anything it will go backwards. As in such of society the lack of communication usually means new ideas and way of doing things do not get passed on and if anything the society as a whole stagnates in a big way.

In our modern society we are already seeing this happening the major indicator being simply the fact people do not communicate in a meaningful way any more even in the media. Most people call this the dumbing down of media but personally it reflects the fact the people have become very self-centred.

The other indicator being the real lack of real innovation and even basic go get attitude within both United Kingdom and United States society to a point both societies have become very conservative and inward looking. The biggest indicator of this being the real lack or slow pace of technological advancement which over the last decades has become a crawl reflected by the production of unimaginative or progressive products.

Only redeeming thing about our modern Western Society there are still a few people out there who are still individuals who temper it with understanding they have to live in both a community and society so not all is lost.

Please Note: If you are interested in a more personal journal of mine just follow the link to Acta Spiritu Amisso.


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