Second Life: Questioning Viewer Performances!

Posted: 16 January, 2014 in Computer, Second Life, Viewers, Virtual World

For those out there who are going to be upset by what I am about to say as a long suffering Second Life resident I really do not care any more as I am little fed up with being short changed and fighting both the Official and Third Party Second Life Viewers over the years especially when I converted to Linux!

After I loaded the now unofficial third party Second Life Viewer, Cool VL Viewer, and tested it out on one of my Linux Computers using one of alternative Second Life Avatars within Second Life it came very apparent to me there seams to be some major performance issues with current batch of both official and third-party second Life Viewers.

For those of you out there who have never used the Cool Viewer it was exclusive Second Life Viewer based upon the 1.23 versions of Second Life Viewers which have been modified to allow for all new features of Second Life including mesh.

Strangely some of the major Third Party Second Life Viewer creators could not do, with the exception of Singularity, who based their viewers on the 2.0+ and 3.0+ Official Second Life Viewers rather than the older and more stable 1.23 viewers which were far more stable than the current batch of viewers.

But I am digressing so I’ll get to the point what became very apparent with the newer Second Life Viewers both Official and Third Party which was really highlighted on Linux Machine are some major performance issue with these viewers.

The major one being due to slplugin process which is spawning a large number of I suspect unnecessary processes which is very clear under Linux which is causing excessive usage of RAM which can be a major problem for older computers both Linux and Windows who do not have excessive memory of newer computers especially Windows 8 machines.

Add to this a very poor support both by Official and Third Party Second Life of Linux and FreeBSD Operating Systems which frankly considering there are a larger number of Second Life residents which use Linux and FreeBSD. We feel greatly aggrieved by the fact we are being ignored or treated as second class citizens or as afterthoughts by both the Official and Third Party viewer writers especially due to the fact we are legitimate computer users much like Windows users.

All in all both the Official and Third Party Second Life Viewer writers should stop wasting everyone’s time by working on pointless features which claim to improve the look of their viewers and actually do some long overdue work on the back ends of their viewers to improve their performance especially on older and Linux/FreeBSD computers as things cannot be left as they are.

After all if I was such a viewer writer and an unofficial Second Life Viewer writer using an older version of a Second Life viewer with same features which performs better than their viewers especially on older computers!

As a final note to both the Official and Third Party Second Life Viewer writers there are more than just Windows 8.1 computers out there and by focusing on them you really are shooting both yourselves and Second Life in the foot so wake up and smell the coffee as there is a real Open Source revolution going out there lead by the android tablets!

Please Note: If you are interested in a more personal journal of mine just follow the link to Acta Spiritu Amisso.

  1. JayR Cela says:

    Hi there Andrew, I’m a Linux user, switching back and forth from Sabayon and Debian usually and occasionally Linux-Mint as well, I agree with you, it’s bad enough having to suffer through lousy Video Driver support with Linux in general, but lately the performance decrease has become noticeably annoying in SL to say the least.

    I have been using the Mate desktop and more recently the Cinnamon UI, both of them are Gnome2 forks, my research has found that ( at least in my case older GKT+2 libs still being used in both ) random crash’s and huge performance hit’s have become more commonplace than usual as of late. Regardless of Linux distro. It’s been a while since I last tried Cool VL, but it has always worked well for me in the past, the same goes for the Singularity viewer. Now I will admit I’m a die-hard FireStorm user, and I doubt that is about to change anytime soon, recently I have found FS 4.4.x to be completely unusable for me, especially on Sabayon, so I switched over to the 4.5.x beta a few days ago, I’m happy to say so far so good.

    In closing i would like to say hello, this is the first time I have run across your blog, it’s very kool to find a fellow Gaming & Virtual World explorer that also is a Linux User, who obviously believes in fixing older computers when they begin to wear out too, rather that just replace them. / LOL / I was starting to think I was the lone nutcase out there. I have my own blog that somewhat parallels yours, and have included the address for you, it will link directly to the GTK+2 post I just finished earlier this week.

    Hey look me up In-World sometime, you might be interested in my CinnaMateStudio Linux Machinima project, perhaps we could collaborate together on a project.

    JayR Cela :_)

    • Strangely I’m back to using the other favourite here Phoenix which is stable but now suffers from excessive ram usage and spawning slplugin processes like there is no tomorrow.
      Singularity has been disappointment as their recent version has a wonderful glitch on Linux in so much if you minimize the viewer it locks the computer. Up to them it was one of the better performing viewers across all platforms.
      Myself I use Crunchbang Linux a Debain based Linux using an Openbox desktop suits me more as it is very light and has a very customisable desktop. Other than that a very standard Linux which is very stable.
      I have no choice to use older computers and open source software as I have no real money currently though since converting totally to Linux I’ll never go back to Windows as I have managed to do so much more on Linux than I could ever do on Windows at the fraction of the cost without fighting the operating system.
      I might look you up inworld but currently rl being hard work because we are moving house. 🙂

  2. David Cartier says:

    Fewer than five percent of Linden Lab customers use Linux. Don’t get your hopes up.

    • Sort of misses the point there as I said at the end Second Life viewers have to be written to run on Linux to work on Android tablets effectively as like rest of the computer world cannot ignore the rise of the tablet.
      The Linux versions have highlighted some major issues with the current versions of viewers which are largely hidden by the Windows versions one being the excessive use of ram.
      Just strange where I go in Second Life there is a greater proportion of Linux users though I do avoid the main parts of Second Life.

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