Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCCXXXVII

Posted: 13 January, 2014 in Journal, Life

At the moment going through the slow process of moving our stuff between our old house and our new home which has been a very tiring process made worse by the fact just when we need it our car decides to have a major problem with it’s power steering.

Though it could have been far worse in so much if I still had to use the car for work I would have been in bigger trouble plus in the end my dad has been a diamond in bringing our stuff over to the new house bit by bit.

The last two days have been the hardest as we’ve have done the last push packing up at the old house which has been over 7 hours of very hard work boxing things and emptying the old house of the junk we don’t need any more.

Currently I’ve had and evening recovering from the last two days with the prospect of actually starting to sort out stuff with our new home though we will not have to be as fast as moving out which will be a great relief.

After our first week here it does feel like both ourselves ans dogs will settle down here at the new home as it may be smaller but it has so much going for it. So in the end this will be the new start to our lives which has been much needed over the last year!

Please Note: If you are interested in a more personal journal of mine just follow the link to Acta Spiritu Amisso.


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