Linux: The Back Door Man!

Posted: 9 January, 2014 in Comment, Computer

Some time ago I said at work, I work in a computer store, that we would see Linux computers being sold in the store to which a number of salesman told be not to be so stupid!

In a way I was wrong as no Linux computers have appeared in the store but Linux has appeared in a large number of other electronic devices we sell in the store including routers, DAB Radios, Smart Televisions and large majority of Tablets. Here is a comical thing a salesman here actually thought Android itself was the operating tablet operating system rather than a Linux behind it.

Basically I was right the amount of devices running Linux sold within the store have increased while the fortunes of Microsoft Windows 8 computers whose sales have fallen over the same time in a more dramatic way mainly because it has not gone down as well with customers as tablets have been.

So in the end Linux has made an inroads into the consumer electronic market through the back door unnoticed by the consumers themselves and it seams the big computer corporations like Microsoft.

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  1. Chris Hard says:

    Steam machines coming soon, and they run Steam OS which is Linux

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