Who Told Everyone Windows was the Standard Operating System?

Posted: 29 December, 2013 in Comment, Computer, Microsoft

The question that has to ask who told everyone in the first place that Microsoft Windows was the industry standard operating system?

As those of us who have worked for years in the information technology industry especially on the development side certainly have not anyone within the industry itself who have actually said this!

I suspect it is one of these myths perpetuated by Microsoft itself and those high up in the information technology industry who fell for the marketing of Microsoft or even blatantly bribed by them.

The real truth is Microsoft Windows has always been and will be one of large number of personal computer to mainframe operating systems used by the information industry and it’s customers. The only reason it has even become more important that it actually is, is because of general public perception du to lack of choice in the retail market.

All very cleaver on Microsoft’s part but far from the truth as Windows is one of many operating system not the industry standard used by the information industry!

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  1. slackwrdave says:

    Well said. Good catch on the casual use of “industry standard operating system”.

    We used to have a tech guy at work who would frequently refer to Windows as being the “world’s best operating system” in meetings. I got tired of it, so every time he said “world’s best”, I’d say “most popular”.

    “What?”, he’d say. I’d say, “‘world’s best’ is opinion, ‘most popular’ is something we can at least quantify.”

    He got annoyed every time, and the boss started to view me as an agitator. At least I had some fun.

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