Do People Know That Social Networks are Public?

Now you think that everyone who uses a social network, especially Facebook, Twitter and so on, would realise that any posts they make on these social networks are public, that is anyone can see their posts especially friends.

But it seams a large majority of users, especially the younger generation, do not even have a perception of this basic fact believing only their friends will see their posts even if they do not set their settings to private.

Add to this they seam not to have the basic concept that any posts they make on these social networks can be seen by the large majority of the users there. We are talking millions of users.

All this made even worse they really fail to comprehend the very public nature of the internet itself along with the fact you can reach millions of people there. Though they are not alone in this as governments and corporations on the large fail to comprehend the same fact.

I know these people, especially the younger generation, fail to understand these facts from personal observations at work where people have called in sick but posted things like they were drinking the night before or been to a concert the night before not realising that some of the managers are also on the social networks in question and could also read their posts.

I have to think did they not realise anyone could read their posts if you not set it to private?

I find it both sad and scary that these people fail to realise posts on social networks are public as after all potentially losing their job is least dangerous thing which could happen to them as an inappropriate post could land them in trouble with the law itself!

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