Luther’s Chosen Few: A Personal Place on the Internet with Help of Oxwall

Posted: 25 December, 2013 in Comment, Computer, Social Web Sites

I have been what is commonly known as a geek again using the power and ease of use of both Linux and Open Source Software to set up a personal community website called Luther’s Chosen Few.

All started when I stumbled on a php based software called Oxwall which was a simple social website engine with a myriad of plugins which could be added to add more functionality to the community website most of which are free.

Much like the cloud software, Owncloud, all you needed to do with Oxwall was download it and unpack into the directory where the social web site was to be held on your server/computer. After which there is a very good set of instructions to set up the required MySQL database and attaching it to your web server software like Apache2.

The I had the fun of customising the site which I found easy including a theme and plugins required which I found to be easier than I expected. The people at Oxwall have put a lot of thought into this along with the administration of the site after it was set up which was also easy to find your way around it with little need to consult the documentation.

As you gather I would recommend Oxwall for those people out there who want to set up a small community website much I did with Luther’s Chosen Few. It also has Windows and Apple versions so there is also possibility of running on such computers but I not recommend it as both Apple and Window computers may not be stable enough to be a server.

So my personal closed community website, Luther’s Chosen Few, was bone a place where I can keep up with my friends outside of the main social web sites which I tend not like to use any more because of their very nature which is very negative in my view.

If you want to see the sites in question follow the links below:

Oxwall – PHP Social Networking Software:
Luther’s Chosen Few:

Please Note: If you are interested in a more personal journal of mine just follow the link to Acta Spiritu Amisso.


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