What has always made me wonder, especially when driving, here in United Kingdom why do some people think they are above the law especially the laws of the road?

This is regardless of the fact the laws, especially on the roads, are there to make people’s lives safer and easier. You have to think the sheer arrogance and selfishness of these people who show a real contempt of other people in general.

But it does reflect the general attitude of growing number of people here in the United Kingdom who put themselves first regardless of the effect it has on other people even if their actions endanger peoples lives or even make other people’s lives more difficult!

Personally I think this attitude is disrespectful to everyone around them and society as a whole and what really gets me going these same people who complain if the law is too soft on criminals.

It basically shows the double standards of these people who want a safe society where law is upheld as long as they can get away with what they think they should get away with minor criminal acts especially on the road regardless of the fact they can potentially dangerous.

It is high time these people were told the fact they break minor laws makes them as bad as those who break major laws as both show a real contempt of the society and people around them either way!

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