The British Government is Currently a Joke!

Posted: 29 November, 2013 in Comment, Government, Life, United Kingdom

The current problems we here in the United Kingdom with the Six Major Power Companies openly profiteer off the backs of the citizens here has highlighted how toothless the British Government is!

Rather than actually taking the said companies to task all they do is ask the said companies if they mind freezing the bills unless costs go up which frankly a peripatetic reaction from a government voted in by the people.

But it once again the current and previous governments put businesses interests before the people who actually voted them in and pay their wages. It shows it is long overdue that the people of this country remind those in Westminster if is not those Executives in their Ivory Towers who put them in power but the votes of the people.

Our current Prime Minister, Mr Camaron, is yet another in a long line of toothless Prime Ministers of both major parties who makes all the right noises but actually does nothing really useful. All these Prime Ministers backed by two major political parties who are basically spent, useless who put votes and money before real policies.

All they have succeed in doing, both the Conservatives and Labour, is leaving the country in a mess even if the current government fixes the so called current economic problems they will not as what they will leave us with something built on very shaky foundations as in the 1990s under Mrs Thatchers government.

So we may have a good few decades yet again but once again we will return to economic problems because like previous governments the current government actually did not tackle the fundamental problems of the economy going for quick fixes which get them voted back into power come the next General Election.

The saddest thing in all this situation are the British people themselves who sit there and moan about the current situation but what do they do about it?

Absolutely nothing falling for the smoke screen put up by the current Government and Media that they are actually doing something about the economy. Add to this a general apathy of the General Public who content themselves with trivial matters which include Celebrity watching, smart phones and social web sites!

In this country it is not Nero fiddling while Rome burns who a whole Orchestra of the General Public playing a Symphony while Britain burns!

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