British Republican Thoughts!

Posted: 29 November, 2013 in Comment, Life, Republic, United Kingdom

As I grow older unlike others around me I am getting more radical in my views that is more radical for someone who is approaching to the twilight of my years. Most people my age views become more conservative as they seam to lose their connection with the modern world but it seams I am not following this pattern much to the consternation of people around me.

Unlike people my age I am starting to have Republican tendencies here in the United Kingdom as I am getting slowly fed up of a system which looks after the privileged rather than the people themselves. We currently have a government and establishment which now has no real connection or even meaning to the people of this country.

My personal view is we need a new government system here which fits a modern forward thinking country even if it means the destruction of century old traditions after all it will not first time in our history we have changed they way we have run our country.

If this included the removal of the Monarchy and House of Lords so be it as both institutions which have long past their usefulness after all the money spent on these institutions could be better spent elsewhere to benefit of all the people not the few.

As a final point just because I have such views does not mean I am left wing or a communist and people who think such thoughts of myself show their real ignorance and stupidity!

Please Note: If you are interested in a more personal journal of mine just follow the link to Acta Spiritu Amisso.


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