Dogs Always Bring Light into Life!

Posted: 24 November, 2013 in Comment, Dogs, Life

One thing our dogs give us here in these difficult times here in home and work is a bit light to our lives especially when they do something funny or simply being cuddly at a time you feel a little down and fed up of the world.

Though we are having hours of fun with our one dog, Ollie, who is a rescue dog with a massive insecurity problem due to his last owners. He has a nasty habit of crewing up stuff he should not especially the remote control of television which he keep taking. But slowly and surely he is becoming a very loving and cuddly dog.

Just shows that if you put light into a dogs life they return the favour ten times over.

Please Note: If you are interested in a more personal journal of mine just follow the link to Acta Spiritu Amisso.


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