Interesting Times Ahead for Microsoft in Business

Posted: 23 November, 2013 in Comment, Computer, Microsoft

It could be very interesting times ahead for Microsoft on the business side of computing market especially with their latest release of operating system Windows 8 which still is not widely used in the business as businesses are only just upgrading to Windows 7 most putting off the upgrade to Windows 8.

What is coming clear is that from people who actually use Windows 8 both in a business and development environment it is poorly suited for such uses as Windows 8 makes such use very difficult indeed even if everything is left on a cloud.

Basically Windows 8 is a good operating system for a tablet and touch screen devices but as a serious operating system and on non-touch laptops it is extremely poor operating system because it is not that easy to use when you need to do something a little more interesting. This is also true of Windows 8.1 which is much the same as the previous operating system with a start button and few little useful tweaks.

This will spell trouble for Microsoft’s Windows 8 within the business and development environments in the future even if Microsoft try to encourage business users towards and cloud environment after all it lack of real stability and ease of use is not going to go down well in such environments. Plus add to this companies who have spent millions of pounds/dollars on server systems are not going to reinvest in a cloud based system just because Microsoft say they should. They may be a big company but once again they are going to find other companies do not like being forced to change and will kick back. Microsoft has learnt this lesson in the past when companies nearly dropped their operating system because Microsoft wanted to force companies to upgrade on a change of operating system.

In conclusion Microsoft will have to do something about Windows 8 to make it more attractive and usable in a business abd development environments as in it current state it is next to useless and not stable for such environments. If they fail to do so they will open the flood gates for use of Open Source Operating Systems and Software especially in Europe which is already occurring as I write this.

This could be possible end of Microsoft as a serious contender within the business and development environments if they fail to change their current direction!

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