Customers Are Not Getting Fair Choice Still!

Posted: 23 November, 2013 in Comment, Computer

I keep saying this and will continue to say this until someone out there listens or wakes up to what is happening in the high street with sales of computers especially in specialist stores especially here in the United Kingdom.

Regardless of the fact that a growing number of customers wanting to buy a new computer who really do not want a Microsoft Windows 8 computer because they have heard, right or wrong, that Windows 8 is really not a good operating system. This is even after Microsoft has tried an advert campaign to sell its virtues but this regardless of the fact people’s perception that Windows 8 is not a good to use.

Then the only alternatives the customer is given are Apple Computers which are too expensive for what they are and tablets which only have limited usage though to be fair they are very useful for those users who just want to surf the web and read their emails.

But is the high street retailers listening to the growing discontent from customers who would like a real alternative to Windows 8 the answer is no as they keep selling the same Microsoft Windows 8 machines regardless of the fact it is slowly killing off their laptop and desktop market. This made even more ironic businesses simply not buying Windows 8 machines because it simply does not work in a more serious computing environment!

This is simply wrong as in any other industry here in the United Kingdom a situation when there are only two real alternatives are given by companies who force the situation by literally paying the retailers to excursively which may not be direct payments but with indirect payments for fittings and the such. In other words both Microsoft and Apple are running a cartel which is closed to any alternatives from manufacture to retailer which simply does not occur in any other industries here in the United Kingdom as it is against the law to run such cartels.

Once again this situation continues only because the Information Technology Industry is notoriously conservative and very blinkered to alternatives putting profit first before innovation. On top of which both governments and users in general are ignorant to the real and usable alternatives to Apple and Microsoft on computers despite the rise of Open Source Operating Systems and Software over recent decades which is simply not going away but who’s presence is increasing in the market place.

Personally it is time the retailers here in the United Kingdom should start to listen to the growing dissatisfaction of their customers over Microsoft Windows 8 and even Apple Computers rather than sticking their heads in the ground in the hope it goes away as simply is not if anything it is going to get worse as people start to use their computers in anger.

My view is if the retailers do not wake up as I have said before if they continue this path they are sowing the seeds of their own destruction. Plus customers have to wake up and start to demand real alternatives from the retailers!

Please Note: If you are interested in a more personal journal of mine just follow the link to Acta Spiritu Amisso.


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