Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCCXXVIII

Posted: 18 November, 2013 in Journal, Life

After a good week today had a number of major glitches once again caused by big companies trying to take too much money out of an already stretched bank account called my current account. One was a genuine mistake which was rectified easily the other was most definitely a major power company which was trying to take too much money on previous usage and not noticing the fact we had only used minute amount of gas over the summer.

This of cause annoyed the hell out of me as once again a major power company blight someone’s life here in United Kingdom and this time it was my turn. I had my rant at the poor person on the end of the phone who worked for the company in question and got it back to where it should have been. But I have remembered the fact they have messed me around again when it comes to the new house I think I will look outside of the big 6 suppliers to see what else is out there.

Unfortunately it meant a good day was ruined and in the end not as much got done as it should as I spent unnecessary time on the telephone and because I got stressed out I fell asleep again for a short while. Even on my anti-depressants stress still does not sit well with me and effect me in a negative way!

Please Note: If you are interested in a more personal journal of mine just follow the link to Acta Spiritu Amisso.


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