Open Source is a Political Animal!

Posted: 14 October, 2013 in Comment, Computer, Open Source

Open Source, especially in Europe, is most definitely a political animal and represents the struggle between big computer corporations and developers/innovators themselves who actually controls the computer industry itself.

It also represents the current battle between a conservative establishment which is strangling the world and free thinkers who want to move the world forward into a brighter future. It is a microcosm of the struggle of the world around us in which people are being subtly oppressed by a conservative establishment who fail to listen to those who too lazy to listen to those who say they can do things differently.

Much as our world users of mainstream software have fallen for the lies of the major computer corporations that open source is dangerous and substandard quality. All this made worse by the fact a large number of users are now afraid to even use open source because of these lies!

But what I find interesting especially in Europe the growing defiance against the dominance of United States in general after years of growing resentment there because of the United States constant meddling in Europe especially during the cold war is starting to drive the use of open source even that created in United States.

It strikes me that open source both in United States and Europe is becoming more of a political animal as people especially within the computer industry want more freedom to innovate in a directions the big computer corporations are too afraid to try because of their very conservative nature!

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