Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCCXX

Posted: 14 October, 2013 in Journal, Life

The start of a new week ahead which has unpleasant prospect of 9 days run of shifts thanks to others at work and a management who seam to lack the basic good manors to ask me if I actually minded my shifts being changed on short notice.

But at least last week I have started my anti-depressants again to cope with both the impending move of house and to cope with Christmas in general which is most properly the most stressful time of year both myself both at home and work.

As last time they have worked almost immediately contrary to what a so called Doctor said especially with the constant obsessive thoughts over trivial matters at home and work which frankly in the end are both unimportant and things I have no control over. Though unlike last time because the dosage is at the full dosage from the start it is really trying to kick me physically but I have to remember it takes a while for my body to get used to the anti-depressants again.

So at the moment I am in a very quiet mood but sound more cheerful and getting used to a quiet mind in so much I only have the normal thoughts rather than flooded by unwanted and dark thoughts. It is rather pleasant after the last few months.

Please Note: If you are interested in a more personal journal of mine just follow the link to Acta Spiritu Amisso.


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