Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCCXV

Posted: 19 September, 2013 in Journal, Life

At the moment life is a bit quiet still at home as we are still waiting for keys to our new house so we can start to move in which could not be soon enough as the weather has turned. This is a problem in our current home as we have no heating which makes living in the current house less than comfortable.

It is just a shame work is not as quiet with al the usual trials and tribulations caused by those who should know better and those to lazy to work. Well it seams that some people at work have got in their minds to work for anyone full stop.

But as always that is the nature of work at the store and little will change regardless how hard the managers work to change it. So I will continue to buck the trend there along with some others at work and actually do some work plus be flexible enough to work with any changes head office and managers through at us.

As I said before just amazes me just how inflexible people half my age are now who quickly fall back onto old behaviours, including bad habits, even after they made effort to change their behaviours. It is almost they are incapable to changing their behaviours something you only see in older people not the young. It stuck me people have my age lack something in their upbringing and education to make them flexible enough to deal with life and work in general.

This is singularly worrying for our future as a country as such behaviour suppresses innovation and imagination to move humanity forwards and we are already seeing it’s effect in the world around us with a very bland society culturally and technologically in the West!

Besides all this I have been creative I my private time at home slowly working on the Role-Playing campaign setting, The Void Jammers, and messing around with experimental blogging engine called Flatpress with some success. Certainly the latter has got me and partner thinking about how we could take advantage of my Linux and Web Server Knowledge, even if amateur in nature, to make some extra money both in real and virtual worlds, like Second Life.

After all it would be nice thing to use the Linux knowledge I have picked up to both earn some money and spread the word, by doing, just what Linux can really to counter the lies spread by other people with interests in the Apple and Windows World.


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