Why do People Still Pay for Software?

Posted: 14 September, 2013 in Computer, Open Source, Software

This is a question which still perplexes me greatly in so much why do people still pay for software?

This because of the growth and increase in the quality of the Open Source Software has come in leap and bounds in the past decade to a point they do the job better than their paid equivalents.

Myself I now excursively use Open Source Software including an operating system and still use my computer effectively. If anything more effectively than some 10 years ago when the only real software available where paid software created by software houses which I found consistently only did part of what I wanted and could be difficult to use.

With the advent of Open Source growth I am now finding I now have access to tools which I can use to be more productive and creative on my computers than even few years ago. It has meant I can now easily host my own web site on one of my computers, broadcast music even write on my computers without laying out a lot of money or bothering with constant problems of software licences and limitations the paid software has always put on users like myself.

But I know why people still pay for software is because they still labour under the misconception propagated by major software writers that open source both substandard and less safe software to use than their own creations. But those of us who have been brave enough to use Open Source software have found these views to be totally false if anything Open Source Software is now of high quality in general, very usable and very safe software to use as it’s vulnerability to viruses is much less than commercial software.

In conclusion by users closing their minds to Open Source Software are hamstringing themselves in so much they lose the chance to get the most out of their computer with the right tools which cost them nothing other than a donation of two if they can afford it.

As stated elsewhere Open Source Software is the future of computing not commercial software as it has a better chance to release the creativity and innovation of the users once again!


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