Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCCXIV

Posted: 14 September, 2013 in Journal, Life

At the moment it is definitely the quiet before the storm as hopefully at the end of this month we should have the keys to our new house so we can start to move into our new home with all the work goes with it.

So at the moment I feel at a lose end all not helped with constant fight of stopping dropping into a down because release from the stress of the past few months. So at the moment I am trying to keep my mind active so I can keep my mood good and positive which is sort of working most of the time.

At the moment I am taking advantage of it by working on a new role-playing campaign background which goes slowly at the moment but moving in a positive direction though the idea is not unique but I am adding my own twist to it.

On top of which I am back to thinking of the next incarnation of my web site or extension to my existing web site plus a web site for my partner’s virtual business within Second Life. So once again my mind is active thinking about this and ways to implement it using those interesting tools out there. All good because I will learn something new which will keep my mind young and active.


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