Why is Open Source So Important?

Posted: 5 September, 2013 in Computer, Open Source, Software

Why is open source so important to modern computing?

All this can be summed up in one word Freedom!

Open Source returns back to the users and developers a freedom to use and develop software which takes account of the users real needs not what a major corporation think the users and developers need.

Open Source returns back innovation and forward thinking into software which has been long missing in the software created by the major computer companies in the past decades.

Most importantly Open Source beings back the freedom of the user to use their computers and software how they want to not as they are currently are which is to be forced to use computers in a way major software companies think they should.

What has become very apparent there are a growing number of people out there who want to mess around with their computers and software basically for fun, to be creative and explore what they can do or not do with software and computers in general. This something the major computer corporations have denied such people over the past few decades!

Because of the major computer corporation actions by locking up both software and hardware closely to themselves, they have managed to kill off the much needed innovation and development needed to push the industry forwards and it shows in the products they produce now which frankly lack any imagination and even innovation.

My personal view those people both within and outside computer industry who keep their minds closed to open source or keep giving it lip service will find the quality of the hardware and software they as development and innovation will simply dry up as things become stale.

Open source gives back the much needed innovation and freedom to develop new things needed within the computer industry to move if forward into new and better things in the modern world. It also gives jaded users and even normal users the tools to use their computers in a way that is comfortable themselves down to a personalised desktop or simply a familiar and easy to use desktop.

Simply put ignore open source at your own peril!


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