Is Microsoft a Spent Force?

Posted: 5 September, 2013 in Comment, Computer, Microsoft

As Microsoft woes continue continue to multiply not helped by poor management and business strategy over the past few years under it’s CEO Steve Ballmer I think I am not only one who is starting to wonder if Microsoft even has a real and viable future as a vendor of computer operating systems or office systems.

After all both Open Source operating systems and software, especially in Europe, is snapping at it’s heals as people both within and outside of the computer industry are slowly switching on to the fact that open source gives them the stability, flexibility and most important cost effectiveness that Microsoft could never give them.

Add to this Microsoft’s failure under Steve Ballmer to actually be innovative and move forward concentrating on it existing it’s legacy operating system and office systems. Then rather than modifying them they change the front ends in an attempt to give them a more modern look in the hope that people keep buying their legacy software.

Only now is Microsoft by buying sections of Nokia which create their smart phones, creation of the Surface tablet and producing Microsoft branded products is trying to move forward but I suspect that all this is far too late for Microsoft who have missed the boat of the Smart phone and Tablet market as other companies who actually were on the ball, including Google and Samsung, have made great strives forward in the same time.

I must not be only one, including investors in Microsoft, think that it will take a miracle for Microsoft to get themselves out the hole it has dug itself into and certainly will not do it under the current leadership of Steve Ballmer. It is certainly going to take more than just buying companies who create smart phones and tablet technology for Microsoft to get out of it current malaise but a fundamental way it does it’s business and develops it’s products with an eye for the future and not for quick profit as it currently does.

At the moment Microsoft’s future is far from rosy as it is regarded as a legacy computer company producing legacy operating systems and office systems with rejuvenated front ends to make them look more modern. All this is a background of the growing force of more innovative open source software revolution makes Microsoft’s future in current state very uncertain indeed!

  1. K Lingard says:

    A few years ago I got myself an ECDL (European Computer Driving License) qualification which consisted of several modules that were all Microsoft programmes (word etc) that could be used in an office setting. If Microsoft is a spent force does that mean that my qualification is also spent as well?

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