Scary Times Ahead!

Posted: 17 August, 2013 in Comment, Life

It is strange how life twist and turns never cease to amaze me in so much us getting a new dog, Ollie, here would be the much needed catalyst to change our lives here and finally get out of a rut our lives have got into.

But it is a scary time ahead for us all as we are moving area totally so we here have to find somewhere new place to live and both of us have to find new jobs when they get there. All scary because of the risk that we will not find anywhere or jobs but life is a risk and at our point of life it may be one thing we both need to put back the spark in life we currently lack.

But it is also it is an exciting prospect for us both as it could open up a whole new opportunities for us both to move on with our lives into new far more exciting directions. So it also an exciting time ahead which I am looking forward too.

All this because of one dog called Ollie.


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