Microsoft is Losing it!

Posted: 17 August, 2013 in Comment, Computer, Microsoft

Microsoft’s current battle with Google over their YouTube application which simply broke Google rules over applications make even more comical that Microsoft are accusing Google of not being open enough to allow Microsoft to write the applications their way.

All this regardless of the fact that all other companies who write applications for Google are very happy to follow the rules Google lays down for application creation with little or no problems.

So why does Microsoft think it is special case in the first place?

One again it shows the sheer arrogance of Microsoft who still believe they are above the rules even with the biggest internet company in the world Google. All made worse by Microsoft’s pathetic machinations that Google is making it impossible to work with them all made even more ironic as Microsoft used such tactics in the past to destroy their competitors. But unlike Google who have not needed to bend the rules in Microsoft’s case Microsoft did bend and chance the rules to destroy their competitors!

Microsoft’s complaints are falling on deaf ears both in Google and beyond as people have long memories so have little real sympathy over their plight as Microsoft’s past action has finally caught up with them.

The most apt sayings for Microsoft’s situation is ‘Those who use the Sword will die by the Sword’ and ‘You reap what you sow’!

Of cause this whole situation has been aggravated by the fact Microsoft’s operating system on their tablets simply cannot cope with the world wide standard of HTML5. Once again Microsoft’s arrogance and high handed views of world wide standards has sown the seeds of their own problems.

This fact that Microsoft’s tablet operating systems cannot cope with HTML5 does not bode well for them as now HTML5 and CSS3 are now started to be widely used on web pages which means potentially Microsoft’s tablets could have major problems with large number of web pages on the internet something users will not thank Microsoft for!

Once again this shows Microsoft is having real problem finding it way and identity in the modern computer world to a point less people both inside and outside of the industry are starting to question Microsoft’s dominance even if it products are really needed of fit in with their needs.


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