True Friends: Small is Beautiful!

Posted: 16 August, 2013 in Comment, Computer, Social Web Sites

What has become very clear from my experiences of social web sites over the years is that it is not the size of the social web site but who uses the social web site which makes up the site itself which makes a social web site work as a community or somewhere to socialise.

This has been a singular fact lost on the likes of Facebook and now even Twitter who still believe big is beautiful and give it’s members the best opportunity to socialise and build a community. But all their size results in is something too big for people to comprehend and the opposite effect of alienating its members who end up rather than building a social community end up posting trivia or innate comments.

Yes people do live in a worldwide community but what the big social networks forgot is that people actually live in small groups they feel safe and tend to feel comfortable within plus a large majority of people still want a private life and a control over the people who get near to them on a personal level.

In some way the big social networks have removed the basic right of the individual for privacy all helped by peoples general lack of understanding of social networks nature basically what you post there is public. They have forgotten that people still want a private life a life away from the public gaze that is a place where they can escape people as we all need time alone to our own thoughts to keep ourselves sane even those who think we do not!

What I am saying is the large social web sites including Facebook and Twitter have become too large and impersonal who show little respect for people’s privacy and actual social needs all due to their very nature and those who run them who show little true empathy to the people who use their social networks.

Hence why people like myself now look for smaller social networks which are far more manageable mentally and socially. Add to a fact as with smaller number of people it is far more personal and more likely to create a community feeling something I really need from a social web site.

Myself I found this in which has personally shown the way for social networks which is small is beautiful and large is not necessary best.


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