Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCCX

Posted: 16 August, 2013 in Journal, Life

Life for myself at the moment is both scary and exciting as the big move here is become ever closer and it will become real once we have the money to actually do it.

It’s scary as I will have to leave my current job and find a new job but at least I will be in an area where I more likely to find a new and better job. Plus this is a risk as this could not work and at my age this sort of change could be difficult but I have already survived worse in my life.

The exiting bit is a new home in an area I left some 10 years ago and getting back with friends I have lost because I moved back to were I was born.

This move is most definitely going to be a new start of my life which is much needed at the moment as I need to move on from a place where I finally learnt to control my depression in a symbolic way to move on to new phase of my life.


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