Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCCVI

Posted: 14 July, 2013 in Journal, Life

After the really stressful week last week this week has started to settle down to a routine with the new dog Ollie who is turning out to be a very intelligent and willing to please dog. This all after the losing of his home in a dramatic fashion is remarkable but it amazing how a little love and discipline works on a dog in a week.

The argument about the dog with my father has had one positive effect as it has focused here to look for somewhere new to live as my father is not going to fix the heating or buy somewhere else for us to live in time for winter at this rate. Plus due to my partners depression it looks like we could also get much needed help from certain support groups here to find somewhere to live as our current home, be it rent free, is not doing my partners depression any good if anything making it worse.

We are sort of mildly optimistic something has started to happen in changing our lives here step by step with the much needed help we need.


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