Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCCV

Posted: 8 July, 2013 in Journal, Life

Last week was not exactly the best week for myself all made worse by a combination of factors which included getting a third dog, problems with family as per usual and finally all work to get a Ruby on Rails site online going for nothing as it was too difficult to put live.

Middle of last week I had got so bad I was ill and had to call in sick at work and lose a day pay as the stress finally having a physical effect. I had reached a real low to a point I just wanted to walk off leave my life, partner and job behind and start again. The poor new dog almost got sent back as I was at the end of my tether with all those around me.

But after a weekend everything has changed the new dog, Ollie, is being trained to learn to live in our house which he is learning very quickly and looks like he is going to be a lovely and well trained dog in the end.

The web site over the weekend was totally rewritten using Jekyll using the previous versions of the web pages written in Ruby on Rails and it was actually put live on the Linux desktop at home something I have wanted to do for ages. Now I have total control over my web site on my own machine.

Finally the family problems will be sorted with ourselves starting to look somewhere else to live especially social housing as it is cheaper and the only thing we can currently afford. At present I and my partner live in a house owned by my father which has been fine until recently when the family have started to interfere with our lives more directly which has resulted in tension here. The new dog has finally given us the push to move on to home which is outside of my families control where we can be free from their influence and actually get some more privacy in our lives from my family.

So in the end a bad last week has resulted in a very positive result now just the trick of keeping the momentum going.


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