Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCCIV

Posted: 30 June, 2013 in Journal, Life

Another quiet week at work during which for the umpteenth time one manager was told off for their behaviour which unfortunately will not change a thing as they will fall back into their usual behaviours in less than a month. What has become very clear to myself the younger people even in their 30s seam incapable of changing their behaviours even after they are told they are wrong. I suspect it’s a modern thing where people think they are all important and so they do not have to change for others even if it makes theirs and other lives better!

Regardless of this this week has ended on a high as my partner wanted another dog to give our Springer Spaniel, Aisha, another dog to play with as our other dog, Kali, is not into playing. So yesterday we got another Springer Spaniel called, Ollie, a rescue dog who looks like he will fit in well here at home. So now we have the fun of a new dog setting in here over the next few weeks with all the accidents which will occur a they settle in.

So in the end the week ends with new challenges and faint hope of a better future full of fun.


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