Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCCIII

Posted: 23 June, 2013 in Journal, Life

I finally got a much needed fun evening within Second Life with good friends and music though only possible downer being I drank again which now always can lead to a down the next day.

Though to get into Second Life was a bit of a chore as once again I had to reinstall the Operating System again because of the Second Life Viewer I was using was causing major problems on the computer in question something you learn to cope with as a long term Second Life Resident but still not be happy about.

In the end, as always, found the Singularity Second Life Viewer was the cause of all the problems I have had since it’s last was updated to cope with the Server Side Baking. So one again for yet another time I have had to change the Second Life Viewer to one that works on my configuration in this case my old favourite Phoenix in the form of the new Firestorm Second Life Viewer.

All this is the fun of Second Life and it is just lucky that I like Second Life as frankly I would of given up on it ages ago!

Other than that today is going to be another day of doing chores and trying to keep my mood up as it drops with realisation I have work tomorrow with the wonderful Manager who has managed to brown off everyone at work to a point last time some wanted to physically hit them!


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