Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCCII

Posted: 22 June, 2013 in Journal, Life

A strange week of strange shifts because a manager at work not exactly doing or understanding their job though everyone are excusing their mistakes because of an upcoming marriage but personally I still see it as a poor excuse not to do your job correctly. I would understand it more if it were because of illness which is something we really do not have control over.

So in the end the shifts were incorrect which had to be modified so we could do our jobs more effectively something we should not have to do. Sadly in the end as per usual the person in question will get away with it as always they will talk their way out of it much to annoyance of those around them who they made their jobs harder to do because of their mistakes.

But now we have survived the week which ended up a good week for everyone at work who hit a number of targets and enjoyed it more doing it because none was constantly pushing and putting them down all in pitiful effort to get them to do better. In the end this week at work showed that a more gentle and positive management worked far better than a bullying and negative management used by certain manager at work!

In the meanwhile the new web site is still coming together well and looking good though very similar to the previous version of the web site as I and others liked the look of the previous version of the web site. It has reached this weekend a point the first version of the web site could have been deployed on my main Linux machine but once again the Second Life Viewer struck again and killed off the Linux operating system on the said computer.

I should of expected the problems with the Second Life Viewer on Linux Mint as it has happened before on an Ubuntu based Linux before and I am kicking myself that I was stupid to use Linux Mint in the first place as it would of saved me a lot of problems. What did not help trying to create dvd’s on a Linux machine which was dying which made difficult to upgrade the Linux Computer in question at the time.

Now I have the fun of resetting up Crunchbang Linux 11 on my desktop yet again just lucky I know how to do it like the back of my hand. One positive thing every time I do this I get practice how to set up and tweak a Linux computer which is extremely useful to know.

One thing which keeps coming out of this mess is that I should of stuck with a Debain based Linux which frankly one of the best and most stable Linux to use and Ubuntu based Linux should be avoided as in the end they are a real pain because they are trying too hard to compete with Windows with loss of functionality and usefulness!


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