Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCCI

Posted: 16 June, 2013 in Journal, Life

I have this week kept myself occupied at home in the effort of keeping my mood stable though it failed due to, once again, the behaviours and attitude of a certain manager at work. Basically he fell beck on to his old behaviours which aggravated both myself and everyone else.

Though he is not only one who has returned back to their old behaviours at work even after they have been told to change because their behaviours are causing problems to everyone else. All it really shows that a lot of people, most of which are half my age, are incapable or unwilling to changing their behaviours when it effects others in a negative ways. It sort of highlights the general selfish attitude of most modern people who put themselves first rather than thinking of others.

Other than that I have started on yet another version of my home web page using Ruby on Rails as an exercise to learn what I can do or not do with it. Plus I am going to host the web site on my main Linux Computer as most of the week the computer is now rarely used and both the dynamic dns and port opening now works on the new BT router. Add to this as once again one of the web hosts I am using to host my web site has failed yet again in less than a year!

So far the creation of the new version of the home page is going well as I relearn how to use Ruby on Rails, I have not used it in over a year, and code in Ruby itself. At some point in the future I will have to learn how to connect the home page to a small database as I aim to add a guest book of my own to the home page.

This little development project of my own has it is reteaching me just how to research for information on the internet itself a skill which I had lost and almost a must when doing something like I am doing at the moment. Sadly it is one thing modern degrees fail to teach it’s students to do effectively as how do research is one of the most important skills which need to be taught during a degree.

So over the next weeks I will have ahead the fun of working on the new home page and deploying it again on the Linux computer which is going to be entertaining to say the least!


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