Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCC

Posted: 8 June, 2013 in Journal, Life

It has been a week of ups and downs all caused by my Internet Service Provider who once again have made our experience with our broadband a chore rather than easy affair. All because they sent out a new router which a major firmware flaw in it which will only rectify itself after the router has been connected for a couple of days which frankly is a real pain if you want to do anything interesting on the internet like port forwarding or broadcasting to the internet.

But now it is all solved until the next time our Internet Service Provider decide to mess around with our broadband all in attempt we suspect to limit our usage regardless of the fact we now have truly unlimited access to Broadband all of the time!

As for the rest of the week it has been a quiet week even at work which has been a very entertaining in itself with one manager stopping another supervisor from actually doing their job because they do not want to do their own which I suspect has ended up with a supervisor who is getting very disillusioned about their own job. All the fun of work politics which is never needed and if anything always gets in the way of people actually doing work and finding work fun.

At home I now have a new project to work on because both port forwarding and dynamic dns now work on my router which is to host my personal web site on my one Linux machine here which will mean I will finally have total control over my web site and enough storage to display all of my photographs without depending on the likes of Flickr. Plus it will allow me to create the web site using the power of Ruby on Rails something I have done before but this time I will have chance to do it fully. I am really looking forward to the creation of the site as it will allow me to use my programming skills again in the creation of my new personal web site.

All in all things will settled down here again with a nice project to keep me occupied and creative.


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