Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCXCVIII

Posted: 1 June, 2013 in Journal, Life

This is last weekend of my holiday as Monday I am back to fun of work again with all the crap that goes with it. It is nice for a short while to be outside of the so called rat race and it’s associated politics of the people within it.

But this weekend has been tempered with myself feeling down not helped by a series of problems with my computers which has resulted in one computer actually failing due to hardware. Though to be fair the hardware has been slowly failing over the past year so at least I got an extra year out of the hardware.

But these constant problems at the start could be shrugged off but after a constant stream of them it has finally got at me to a point I finally blew up yesterday as it made me feel as if the whole world had decided to hammer me down because of my impervious successes earlier in the week. As always my depression colour what are just normal events which were going to happen regardless and just decided to occur all at once by chance. This resulting in a down and feeling of being powerless in a world which has it in for you.

But as always things did not end up as bad as I first thought as the remaining computers I own are still in very rude health and one has benefited with dual monitors, more disk space and an interesting problem for me to solve how to get Linux to recognise a SATA DVD/CD Drive.

So this weekend once again I am fighting my demon and looking at the bright side of life in the hope it will get me through this small down yet again. Life always ends up a constant battle for myself because of my depression and the fact I really do not want to depend on drugs to keep it in check.


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