Linux Mint: A Good Starting Point for Beginners

Posted: 26 May, 2013 in Computer, Linux, Linux Mint, Operating System

After my problems with Cunchbang Linux and a need for a quick fix of my one desktop with a Linux Mint 14 xfce disk at hand to solve the problem easily and neatly by installing Linux Mint on the said machine.

It got me thinking about Linux Mint 14 in general especially with those Windows xp users out there who will need an alternative because of Microsoft’s upcoming stopping of it’s support need an alternative operating system. All this especially as Microsoft have made it difficult even now to reset and upgrade a Windows xp machine and the only alternative Microsoft will give them is the poorly written and user unfriendly Windows 8.

Though they have been offered an alternative which has been pushing itself as the alternative to Windows 8 that being Ubuntu but to be frank it is not much of an alternative as once again it has a far from user friendly desktop much like Windows 8. So in the end Ubuntu is not much of an alternative to Windows 8 for the Windows xp users.

But Linux Mint 14 in all of it variations, especially xfce version, are very viable and usable alternative for the Windows xp users and as they have no real alternative provided by Microsoft I would recommend that Window xp users go in this direction.

This has also answered a question why Linux Mint has been consistently beating Ubuntu for downloads in the Linux community because Linux Mint have stuck to the more traditional desktops which regardless of the attempts of both Microsoft and Ubuntu to change this people simply like and can cope with.

After all the traditional desktop has been around for decades so why change it just for the sake of change or force users down a path they simply do not want to go!

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