Linux: A Rebel Yell!

Posted: 16 May, 2013 in Comment, Computer, Crunchbang Linux, Linux, Operating System

I was bored so I changed my desktop on my laptop, shaggy, again so it sort of more suited the wallpaper I had chosen for the background. I was pleased with the effect I got as it certainly went together well or so I think but hey that is the most important thing.

It also got me thinking that Linux allows people like myself can create desktops we are comfortable with rather than large majority of Windows Users who are given a desktop by Microsoft with no ability to change it other than colours and positions of tiles in the case of Windows 8.

Basically Microsoft forces the users to accept their desktop regardless of the fact most users cannot use it or dislike the desktop they are provided with by Microsoft.

You might say Linux Users like myself cry a Rebel Yell against the desktop fascists like Microsoft and Apple by creating our own customised desktop in a small defiance to their attempt to control the minds and souls of the computer users!

The following is the current desktop of the laptop in question which will change when I fancy a change:

Shaggy Desktop 16th May 2013

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