Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCXCII

Posted: 12 May, 2013 in Journal, Life

Another work week starts a tad early this week because we had a meeting about the so called new customer plan for the company I work for which was exactly the same as last year bar they have reduced documentation associated with it.

As you gather I have grown very cynical of a company and it’s management who frankly have no new ideas and rather than look outside of the box fall back onto old ideas to get themselves out of the mess they have got themselves in. The attitude of both the company and management reflects this so well as it struck me as so tired, unimaginative and negative to a point I found whole thing very uninspiring and negative in the end after an afternoon of reflection.

Don’t get me wrong I love doing large majority of my job but that is coloured by fact of my personal views about modern corporations which in my view put profit before it’s customers and employees regardless of the fact both make them actually make their money in different ways.

But as always I have to make a compromise with my personal opinions so I can earn a living one of the paradoxes of life we all have to do but it still does not mean I agree with all what my company does and when the opportunity arises I will say so. I am not only person who does this to get through life and does not indicate a lack of character but a more realistic and workable view of life.

After a day doing few chores and working on a change of my desktop on my Laptop to see what I can do and make it more pleasing to my own eyes. I am still pleased and impressed with Crunchbang 11 as a Linux as it remarkably stable and more robust against myself generally messing around with it.


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