Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCXCI

Posted: 12 May, 2013 in Journal, Life

Another good week at work in which I did prove you can always find something to do in a store if you are mechaniser or not so no excuse standing around doing nothing when the store is quiet. Though I suspect that will still not be enough for one manager who has finally shown their true colours this week.

Basically this managers technique involves the premise that even when someone is doing well never to praise them but always tell them they are doing badly and what makes it worse he is convinced that this actually works. Those of us who have worked a lot longer than the manager in question know that this technique simply does not work and in the end has complete opposite effect in so much people become disenchanted and stop putting in the effort.

This sort of management technique frankly went out with the ark as it was never found to work so I just wonder where they got the idea that it actually worked because even from the evidence of there own eyes it has far from worked and ended up with a group of staff who are disenchanted who need bribery to actually do something now!

Myself people such as this are not a threat as in truth they lack real force of personality behind the front and tend to be both cowards and bullies. I am little mystified just why the company I work for employs the manager in question as it very clear they are a very ineffective manager and causes more damage than good within the company.

Other than the rest week has gone well and the fact I could broadcast to the web was not a fluke plus it indicated just how powerful and stable Open Source Software can be contrary to mainstream software creators claim it to be.

Plus I am falling in love again with Crunchbang Linux and Debain which are both proving to be remarkably stable and usable on my laptop on which previous Linux distributions had real problems running on it. It’s just nice to have the laptop running again with an operating system which stable and so easy to use. So now I’m thinking what to do next with my computers here.


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