Falling in Love with Crunchbang Again!

Posted: 12 May, 2013 in Computer, Crunchbang Linux, Linux, Operating System

Recently I decided to reinstall Linux back on to my laptop after I tried out a number of things on the Laptop which resulted in the previous Linux, Linux Lite, being corrupted. So I decided to try the current test copy of Crunchbang 11 which last time I tried on the same Laptop failed and much to my surprise it worked first time out of the box.

If anything Crunchbang worked even better than the previous Linux Lite which I always found to be a bit slow and resource heavy as it’s desktop was Gnome 2 based. I should not of been surprised by this as I have always found Gnome desktops to be slow on most of the computers I have used.

It looks like that both Crunchbang and Debain have progressed a lot in the last year as now both Linux’s load on newer hardware so much easier and result in a more stable operating system on said modern computers.

So now I have Crunchbang on all my computers at home both Crunchbang 10 and Crunchbang 11 all with customised openbox desktops and once again I am falling in love with Crunchbang Linux as I am finding it a very pleasant, stable and easily fixable Linux to use. Though as I have said before it is not best Linux for new user of Linux but most definite one of the better Linux’s for the more experienced users or someone who really wants to learn more about Linux in general.

The following is the current desktop of the laptop in question which will change when I fancy a change:

Shaggy Desktop 12.05.2013


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