Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCXC

Posted: 6 May, 2013 in Journal, Life

After months of feeling down a combination of warmer weather and exorcising a demon at work I am actually in a rare state of mind happy though still tired all the time. But I cannot have everything at once but a final start in the right direction.

Today after work I may be tired after work because I unlike others kept myself busy in a quiet store as everyone is enjoying the lovely Bank Holiday weather rather than shopping. It is a sad thing at work a large majority of my work colleagues would stand around doing nothing rather than find something to do including much needed cleaning and tidying of the store itself after all they have people like myself to do it for them. The upshot of which our store is getting a bad reputation of being full of lazy salesman who rather stand around talking and messing around with their mobile phones rather than serving customers!

All this goes to show just how little work ethic the young have now and a sad reflection how my generation have poorly brought up the next generation unlike my parents who drummed into me the work ethic needed to survive working life.

Even happy I can find something to moan at but this lack of work ethic in the young I find very disturbing for our future.

Outside of work I have been making big strides in learning more about what I can do or not do with Linux and Open Source Software which I boosted my confidence no end. I had one set back with World of Warcraft mainly due to wine on Linux not doing what it should sadly. But a big plus I managed to get icecast and Mixxx to work on my laptop for me no mean feint. I actually managed to stream a short internet radio section last night though only using the auto dj function of Mixxx.

So all in all at the moment life is settled again with hope of a better future ahead. Plus my knowledge of Linux and Open Source Software and it’s capacities is growing with leaps and bounds.


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