Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCLXXXVIII

Posted: 29 April, 2013 in Journal, Life

First day at work and I survived it though I had to man the Tech Desk yet again because one of my colleagues was off work due to the fact they had an accident which put them out of action for a while. Only problem I have with sitting on the Tech Desk at work is I spend most of the day standing around doing nothing when I rather be helping to get the store even more pristine and tidy. Plus I have to deal with those people who range from dam right stupid to rude something which constantly annoys me as most of the time it is simply not needed.

But other than that work has settled down for me with only bugbears being those at work who avoid any hard work and only do the bare minimum to get a bonus1

Saddest thing I saw today was a nice man who really cannot get on with his new Windows 8 Desktop in so much the sheer frustration he was having and we cannot help him get out of it was we as a company do not sell an operating system which he could use. Personally I find this so wrong we as a company do not give the customer an alternative other than Apple.

Other than that we replaced our router here in the hope it would solve some problems on our network with the Windows Machine but it did not as such but it has a positive effect as now we have a router which replaced the ISPs router which frankly limited our options to access the internet. At least with the new router I have a chance to open ports and actually get the likes of icecast working on one of my Linux Machines. All very exciting and full of possibilities.

We also had some better news on our moving into next town as it may be better than we expected and we are coming to the conclusion the change will do us and our job prospects good. So for once there is a faint hope for better future here.


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