Why Do People Have to Make Fun of Linux and It’s Users?

Posted: 28 April, 2013 in Comment, Computer

I have had a recent experience on a Social Web site with one particular Windows User there who all they could do is make fun and put down Linux to a point they accused me of being a dreamer!

It got me wondering why this person was like this and what are they afraid of?

Of cause they are a Microsoft Window user not someone like myself who messes around with computers and for around 10 to 15 years actually worked in the Computer Industry. But regardless point of this singular fact they gave me whole set of reasons why Microsoft was so good and Linux was so bad and limited, all this from their own extensive experience of working with computers.

It got me me really thinking just why are they so closed minded about computers and software to a point they will not consider any software outside of the mainstream as viable or useful software regardless of the fact now Open Source software is now widely used the major example being the Android operating system on large majority of Smartphones and Tablets.

Plus why do they feel the need to put down anyone who dares to use software outside of the norm to a point of personal attacks which frankly are offensive and hurtful.

As I said it got me wondering why are they so afraid of Linux, Open Source and it’s users?

  1. Ark says:

    I currently use Windows 8 and must admit I quite like it. However, this person is woefully uninformed, being unaware that over half the world’s web servers run on Linux.

    • Myself I took one look at Windows 8 and said no though I was xp users so all windows afterwards are pale reflections. 🙂
      On a serious not indeed Linux is the backbone of the internet though only just breaking into the domestic market where it has place for the more serious users.
      One thing I do say both Windows 8 and Linux have a place in the domestic market just for different users. 🙂

  2. flamingbeast20 says:

    It is because some people think that Linux is only good for servers and think that thw desktop versions will crash every 3 seconds, And yes I have gone through what you have said but in real life.

  3. I used to use xp, but I found it very limited, I use every version of linux and have it on all my machines, even a mac, I am trying to write a version to run on an Ipad. I get a lot of crap from people about me using linux and I found the best way to deal with them is to just don’t answer them and or just walk away from them…

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