Journal of a Lost Soul Part CCLXXXVI

Posted: 25 April, 2013 in Journal, Life

Well another week is nearly over with one one day day at work all due to the wonderful modern attitude that being rude to each other is acceptable behaviour. Other than this remarkably work has become very quiet and settled for once though it is still tiring me out too much but nice not to be stressed out by work at the moment.

Add to this some of our money problems may have been relieved for a while as I can earn more before it is taxed but still going to be tight which has caused constant stress here for everyone but currently I have a little extra cash which has to replace out router here as our old router is starting to play up again and we spend a lot of time on-line.

Plus we have had finally a stable week with the computer with the main windows machines actually remaining stable and not causing us here too many problems. But as always the Linux Computers have been remarkably stable once again bringing into focus just how unstable Windows is!

Well the weekend is nearly up on us here and boy am I looking forward to a peaceful weekend doing what I normally do little of nothing and trip into Second Life to see friends.


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